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Creed of Pain

Genre: Melodic Thrash/Death Metal
Herkunft: Buchholz/Nordhausen
Link: https://www.facebook.com/creedofpain666

bevorstehende Konzerte:

Bookwood Festival 2019


Buchholzer Rocknacht Buchholz

RückHalt, RikkArving, Kilminister, Cressida, Invisible Hand, We Are Wolf, Munera, Creed of Pain, New Hate Rising

S.O.U.L Warm Up Show


Jugendkulturzentrum die Klinke Berlin

Profane Sanctum, Drown the Sun, Creed of Pain, Rose to Risen

Metal Attack Fest


Slaughterhouse Berlin

Contradiction, AvatariA, Metal Law, Edge of Ever, Harmony Dies, Exxperior, EXA, Creed of Pain

Metal Mash-Up Vol. 2


8B58 Brunswick

Impaled Eyes, Tragedy Of Mine, Creed of Pain, Source of Rage